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Forgotten Head – Split LP mit Restless Head

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The Forgotten Youth – LP 320kBit/s


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The Forgotten Youth – The Demo in 320kBit/s

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every time I hurt my-fucking-self
but I don’t care, it makes me feel alive
I always stand up and give a fuck
cause I’m addicted to this painful drug

painful bruises? I can’t get enough
I also don’t care if I draw blood
it’s the satisfaction if I land a trick
it’s the adrenalin that gives me the kick

I can’t stop to destroy myself
it’s like an addiction
I need this feeling
I want more concrete
I’ll do what I want
I don’t accept any restriction
I need this feeling
 of rolling down the street
                            – skate and destroy

bite back

everyday it’s the same shit
life feels like a shirt that doesn’t fit
you are told how to act
but instructions are what you reject

they offer you things to consume
‚cause they want you to keep quiet
but you can’t be quiet and lock your room
you realize it’s time to run riot

bite back   bite back   bite back

you’re fed up with getting oppressed
you don’t want to be well dressed
there are more important things
than dead boring TV castings

you know you’re not a fucking clone
don’t believe the shit they say
now it’s time to act on your own
you better start, bite back today

break my daily routine

I am frustrated – working hard and seeing no result
I am demotivated – everyday seems to be the same shit
I am desolate – what’s happened to me in the past years

I am uninspired – creativity is lost for a long time
I am on the edge – nothing works out any longer
I am bored – my life’s a routine

but now my life will change I burn the rotten bridges I have made
now it’s time to focus on myself now it’s time to break the daily routine

I exhaust myself – ‘cause afterwards I feel unstressed
I’m going out – a new environment might help to forget
I’m having fun – my friends help me to start rethinking

but now my life will…
it’s time – to break – my daily routine
but now my life will…


you needn’t study under the regular period
and neither have two terms abroad
and no need for two foreign languages
I’m sure you will make your way

you don’t need a perfect grade point average
why collect a dozen unpaid internships
you don’t care about business requirements
I’m sure you will make your way

pressure on time and performance     
people suffer day in – day out
in this meritocracy    
output is the only thing that counts

come on   slow down and take a timeout
start to reflect   what your life is all about

what’s so wrong with a CV having gaps
you don’t care if unemployment might come next
you give a fuck about the social ladder
I’m sure you will make your way

pressure on time…

youth is something that is not for sale
don’t waste your life for a career
shouldn’t fear about the social ladder
don’t waste your life for a career

color your city

reconstructions are what you see
everything looks like a wack copy
modern and sterile houses you don’t esteem
this monotony makes you scream

the character of this hood is changing
don’t know how long this will last
the papers hail this movement
but I need a drop and I need it fast

color your city and tag the walls

you like pasted posters everywhere
political comments make the atmosphere
spray all the walls in your streets
color the boring drab concrete

time to give the protest a color
cleanness and boredom are history
point it up to the investors
we don’t need this fucking gentry

color your city and tag the walls

don’t need a sterile neighborhood
don’t think monotony is good
don’t need a sterile neighborhood
don’t think monotony is good

color your city and tag the walls


we’re pissed off by your society
are no longer slaves to the economy
we don’t mind if you no longer exist
we now stand up rise our fist

running down the track, try to free my mind
see people under bridges the society declined
for many years living below the poverty line
and on the other side laughing bankers who dine

the rents in our hood rise uncontrolled
like the stock exchange for oil and gold
no money left to live in dignity
no problem for fat cats but for you and me

we’re pissed off…

a double figures growth in spread income
seems not enough for all you financial scum
staff get fired cause brokers want more
‚cause profit is what they adore

we’re pissed off…

and if speculation losses appear
you call the nation and stoke fears
now we should bail our oppressor out
but this time we will sing out load

Feel Sick

the youth is sick of your lies
the youth is sick of society’s ties
the youth wants to break out of jail
youths don’t need someone to hail

and even though I’m getting old
still on the run not getting cold
I still believe I’m part of it
cause when I see you I feel sick

I feel sick, I feel sick – never conform to it

the youth is pissed by your restrictions
the youth is annoyed by your convictions
the youth hates your show and pretense
the youth is pissed by your ignorance

and even so…

the youth just wants to hang around
the youth likes this punkrock sound
the youth feels good with self-destruction
the youth is sick of your corruption

net rebel

so you think you are tough guys
because you tell the truth to everyone
but your truth is just a pack of lies
however you don’t care, it’s just for fun

you live an identity in disguise
but we don’t need your fucking lies
net rebel – net rebel – net rebel

you like to wear other projects down
anonymously destroy what you dislike
you are nothing but a bad clown
you should think before you write

net rebel – net rebel – net rebel

in reality you are an ass-kisser
you ain’t stand up for your crap
your social isolation is getting bigger
you are nothing but a poor chap

you live an identity in disguise


  du vegetierst nur vor dich hin, und das schon dein Leben lang
kannst ja sowieso nichts daran ändern, passt dich den Regeln an
und wenn der Vorhang sich öffnet, spielst du einstudierte Szenen
jeden Tag das gleiche Spiel, jeden Tag die gleichen Themen

du bist eine Marionette – selbst entscheiden kannst du nicht
hängst an seidenem Faden – und tust nur deine Pflicht
befolgst unkritisch und exakt – Normen und Befehle

schneide deine Fäden ab und lauf Amok

sei doch kein Holzkopf, bist nur ein Werkzeug, wirst benutzt
Handlungen und Entscheidungen vorbestimmt, doch das ist dir nicht bewusst
die Täuschung ist perfekt, der Spieler steht nicht im Rampenlicht
stehst unter permanenter Überwachung und befolgst weiter deine Pflicht

du bist eine Marionette…

werde dein eigener Regisseur, übernimm selbst Verantwortung und Kontrolle
hinterfrage alles, entscheide selbst und spiele nicht nur eine Rolle
zeig dem Spieler und dem Publikum deinen Mittelfinger
schneide deine Fäden ab und lauf Amok

people of my age

you want to get ahead, make your career
want a brand new car every third year
and on weekends, when you stay at home
you feel like shit ‚cause then you are alone

you feel so adult while I have teenage enthusiasm
your life so bored but you don’t care at all
you just can’t understand how others have fun all night
while television tells you your life is alright

dreaming of the past, when you were young
you were a rebel, a libertine but now the spirit is gone
you accept your life without a protest
a life of being oppressed

when I see people of my age
I laugh out loud ‚cause they miss so much
when I see people of my age
I laugh out loud ‚cause they miss so much
living for the past or for retirement pension
it doesn’t make sense, you should live for today


fuck religion here and everywhere
Christian, Muslim, Jewish we don’t care
your illusions kill every day
for your ignorance others must pay

in your name people are bilked
in your name critics are killed        

fuck religion – destroy manipulation

since thousands of years you have existed
of your fucking lies we get pissed
you are inconsistent with one another
to convert us – don’t bother!

in your name people are bilked
in your name critics are killed

fuck religion – fuck manipulation        

dogmas and regulations everywhere
discrete thinking – they don’t care
religious bigotry in your head
and your foes soon will be dead

in your name…

The Forgotten Youth

it’s quite a long time ago
we stood in front of you
but now the pack is back
get off your ass and to the show

Forgotten Youth – the pack is back         
anti-social and color black                        
sleeveless and the trousers tight
Forgotten Youth are here tonight

stop being jailed by your PC
smash the shit and you’ll feel free
drink some beer and play a song
and get your leather jackets on

Forgotten Youth – the pack is back
be ready for this sound attack
lock the doors, hide your kids
and listen to the punkrock hits

spike your hair, meet your friends
it’s up to you, this never ends
closing time, don’t care tonight
we have fun till morning light

Forgotten Youth…

upper class life

since childhood your parents have told you the rules
be always polite, pray and obey
don’t hang around with the proletarian fools
with lower class you’re not allowed to play

 they want you to think you’re better – bullshit
they want you to believe you’re superior – bullshit

when you grew up your parents told you the rules
get prepared for the executive chair
you’re the face of the family, keep that in mind
so wear tidy clothes and comb your hair

 they want you…

Wachstum über alles

absurde Gehälter, fette Zinsen und die Gier nach Macht
wohin hat der Fortschrittsglaube an freie Märkte euch gebracht
die Reichen werden immer fetter und die Armen nicht mehr satt
und gewählte Volksvertreter kassieren dabei noch gut ab

zu viel Produktion und zu viel Konsum – für was? – das frag dich selbst
Du kannst selbst etwas verändern, indem du Dein Verhalten umstellst
ein Leben auf Kosten Dritter führt zum Bankrott der Welt
Ressourcen sind erschöpft, mag sein, dass Dir das nicht gefällt

unbegrenztes Wachstum – bald geht es allen gut
unbegrenztes Wachstum – wer nichts leistet der muss weg
die scheiß Schmarotzer, Sozialisten, Kommunisten und Anarchisten
die Propagandamaschine läuft auf Hochtouren

Unbegrenztes Wachstum – bald geht es allen gut
Unbegrenztes Wachstum – wer nichts leistet der muss weg
es gibt keinen anderen Weg hieraus außer die Banken zu retten
die Propagandamaschine läuft auf Hochtouren

faschistischen und korrupten Regimes leiht ihr gerne Kapital
dass für Wucher-Zinsen das Volk blecht, ist euch scheißegal
ein Schuldenschnitt zur Gleichstellung wird nicht akzeptiert
lieber lasst Ihr Leute sterben und seht zu, wie ein ganzes Land krepiert

doch wenn der Fortschritt stagniert, verliert ihr die Rechtfertigung
ohne Verzicht auf Luxus scheitert die Zivilisation
die Fehler (der Geschichte) wiederholen sich, das ist der blanke Hohn
doch ihr werdet sehen, mit dem Hunger kommt die Revolution

unbegrenztes Wachstum …

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